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(Virtual) Recruitment / Assessment

Recruiting top candidates!

Virtual, Hybrid

(Virtual) Recruitment / Assessment

Company Objectives

Recruiting top candidates (remotely) isn’t easy. The main objective of the activity was to build a challenge where players had to step up and show their true colors (skills & talents) while closely monitored by P&G recruiters.

Key Topics

1. Getting to know the candidates;
2. Candidates getting to know the organisation;
3. Creating & Pitching a marketing plan;
4. Finishing an analytical case;

Our Solution

We have created a supportive & motivating environment for candidates to step up and show their talents. Participants are divided in teams. Guided by an interactive chatbot and live facilitation teams compete in fun, social and company related challenges. The candidates are able to show their true colours and to get to know the organsisation while having fun!

Let us help you

Every project is specific to our client's needs. Drop us a note to explore the possibilities.

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