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Elevator Pitch

Elevating the business and teams!

Virtual, In Person, Hybrid

Elevator Pitch

Company Objectives

What happens if you step into your companies elevator and your CEO/boss asks you from which department you are and what it is your department does? Will you be able to pitch your department in less than one minute?

Key Topics

1. Do we have one story as a department about WHAT we do?
2. Do we know WHY we are relevant?
3. HOW to create a pitch (4 elements);
4. Be unique.

Our Solution

Different departments were challenged to create their unique sales pitch. We created a template divided into 4 phases. Each component required both individual and group input. Did the teams manage to throw in an original one-liner as icing on the cake?

At the end of the workshop all teams were welcomed on stage to present their unique pitch!

Let us help you

Every project is specific to our client's needs. Drop us a note to explore the possibilities.

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