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Peak Performance

Sandbox Team Experience


Peak Performance

Company Objectives

We were challenged to create and facilitate a fully virtual team activity/energiser for approximately 160 participants at the P&G’s EMO Half Year Connect. With the help of the P&G organising team, we were able to develop a highly successful and engaging event, known as “The Best EVE Ever - Journey of Discovery."

Key Topics

1. Create awareness around 4 pillars
2. Explore key elements of each pillar
3. Share and learn from personal experiences
4. Have fun and connect with colleagues

Our Solution

Teams were assigned their own Spatial Chat rooms and challenged to explore hiking trails with different stops along the way. At each stop, participants were presented with a fun or content challenge linked to one of P&G's four pillars. Set up as a sandbox/playground, the activity provided teams with the freedom to complete the different challenges at their own pace. These challenges were designed to broaden participants' understanding of the P&G pillars and encouraged them to share their personal experiences with colleagues. By the end of the activity, participants had gained valuable insights into teamwork, communication, and the P&G four pillars.

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