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Prepare for the Digital Future

A global change management initiative


Prepare for the Digital Future

Company Objectives

This Fortune 500 company reached out to support them in the design and roll-out of a global change management initiative on digital transformation in their production plants.

Key Topics

Phase 1:
1. Create awareness around the workforce of the future;
2. Share information about the direction the company is moving forward to;
3. Extract information about how employees are feeling about particular changes.

Phase 2:
1. Become familiar with new skills and technologies that are coming their way;
2. Acknowledge the anxiety that comes with change and the unknown;
3. Take everyone on board to embrace the upcoming changes;

Our Solution

Phase 1:
We created an entirely personalised chatbot called 'Digital Albert' for this project. Easily accessible through a QR-code, each employee could start a guided conversation with Digital Albert in their own time. During this conversation, Albert introduced them to the topic, asked how they felt about this way forward and also gave the opportunity for employees to input their own ideas about it. A great way to start their digital way-of-working transformation!

Phase 2:
Following up on the chatbot conversation, employees were now invited to engage in a team session (online/offline), facilitated by their local team leader and co-facilitated by... Digital Albert ofcourse! Thanks to this self-explanatory session that didn't require additional training for team leaders, teams could now have an in-depth conversation about the topic. In order to increase participants' engagement during the session, we used a variety of userfriendly, scalable and easy-to-access digital learning tools. Another unique digital experience!

Let us help you

Every project is specific to our client's needs. Drop us a note to explore the possibilities.

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