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The Under Construction Game

Ready to challenge your team's way of working?

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The Under Construction Game

Company Objectives

Having fun, whilst learning something. That was Deloitte's briefing when they were looking for a recurring face-to-face training activity as part of a training day for employees that were new in a role as people manager.

Key Topics

1. Let participants experience some business dynamics around project management
2. Introduce them to one of Deloitte's in-house tools for team feedback
3. Make them reflect over their actions, their team approach, their failures and improvements

Our Solution

When we took on this briefing, together with the client we decided to create a customised version of one of our games on project management. This meant bringing in a brand-new storyline, adjusting game dynamics and creating moments of reflection both mid-game and during the debrief after the game.

Moreover, we were able to assign roles to the internal HR-team and senior managers present during the game and debrief, so they were able to observe and connect with young managers as well. An energising 2 hour activity for a group of 50 participants!

Let us help you

Every project is specific to our client's needs. Drop us a note to explore the possibilities.

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