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Across our projects, we work closely with clients to combine our gamification expertise with their specific needs.

Here you can find the flow and principles we follow in every partnership. Come along the entire journey, or tell us where you need our specific support.



In collaboration with you, we design custom blended learning solutions for your target group



We facilitate the roll-out of all learning solutions, be it through live facilitation, train-the-trainer sessions or fully automated with our chatbot called Charlie.


Together, we analyse the challenge and define specific learning goals



We continually build and improve on the solution through dialogue and feedback with you as our client

Our design


Have Fun + Learn Something

Our activities are designed to be different, engaging and effective. One of our markers of success? Participants who are fully immersed and not scrolling through social media while being engaged in our activity.

Customized to your audience

It’s all about your audience and your context. We design for each type of participant, no matter how niche.

Always user-friendly

We make it simple - simple to play, simple to deploy, simple to scale. No pre-reads, long explanations or fancy schmancy tech necessary.

Flexible set up

Take us anywhere. We adapt to any event location or virtual collaboration tool. No custom logins or specific venue requirements.

Let us help you

Every project is specific to our client's needs. Drop us a note to explore the possibilities.

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