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Agile & Scrum

Will your squad deliver most value?

In Person


Learning Objectives

• Understand and apply Agile principles
• Experience and implement the Scrum methodology
• Effective management of stakeholder expectations
• Enhance team feedback and reflection processes


In three thrilling sprints, different squads are challenged to build a resort for a client. Having their own Product Owner, Scrum Master and Production Team Members, squads take ownership for the planning and building process. Learning to work Agile will never become more immersive!

Flow of the Activity

Participants are divided into different squads, each responsible for designing, building, and decorating a specific part of a holiday resort.

Each team member takes on a key role as a Product Owner, Scrum Master, or Product Expert. Working in different sprints, teams gain valuable experience in applying agile principles and the Scrum methodology.

The fictive client communicates numerous requests (user stories) for the holiday resort. Can the teams effectively remain realistic, adapt when needed, and keep the client informed?
Retrospectives play a vital role in optimising their team performances! Throughout the sprints, teams become familiar with artefacts, ceremonies, key roles, and the Scrum framework!

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