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Aliens & Astronauts

Exploring diversity from an alienated perspective...

Virtual, In Person, Hybrid


Learning Objectives

• Learn about DEI
• Experience perception and its risks
• Celebrate cultural differences


In an alternative reality teams of aliens or astronauts discuss diversity & inclusion in a safe, non-biased, and immersive environment. Will each and everyone show respect and tolerance to those whom they define as 'different'? And will they figure out how to do that?

Flow of the Activity

Players take on the roles of either Aliens or Astronauts.
Each astronaut team is responsible for a spaceship with several broken systems. Their main objective is to acquire a replacement part for each system with the help of the various alien teams. To accomplish this, astronauts must demonstrate respectful and inclusive behavior towards the different aliens to gain their cooperation and trust.
Alien teams possesses replacement cards for only one of the broken systems and demonstrate different habits and behavior compared to other aliens teams.

At the end of the. game, teams will evaluate based their performance and how well they embraced the values of respect and inclusivity during this intergalactic mission!

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