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Detect & Connect

Unravel a mysterious crime case with your team!



Learning Objectives

• Problem solving
• Teamwork
• Strategy
• Energising & fun


Breaking news! A mysterious crime has taken place and all help is needed to solve it. Forming and deepening relationships in a remote setting is not easy. But the ‘Detect & Connect’ Business Game is customed to facilitate the discovery of a maximum of connections and conversations in your team. As true detectives, you will have to dig through your clues to uncover, among other things, the murderer, murder weapon and location. Can you unravel the thread of intrigue?

Flow of the Activity

The participants are divided into virtual teams, each consisting of around 5 detectives. Each team is assigned a WhatsApp Coach, and will be guided by the game facilitator and Inspector Lucy the Chatbot during the game. The teams compete against each other and complete challenges given by Inspector Lucy to earn ‘Code Breaks’. With the obtained Code Breaks, clues will be revealed about the case on their Murder Mystery Board. Here, the teams try to solve the crime by eliminating irrelevant clues. At the end of the game, all participants come virtually together. During the review of the investigation report, we share footage of the game and input from the detective units. Were the teams able to solve the mystery? The fastest and most thorough elite detective team will be chosen as the winner!

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