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Finance for non-finance managers

Help your managers make better financial decisions!



Learning Objectives

• Learn to read and analyse financial statements (the balance sheet, P&L and cash flow statement) and make sense of what they are saying
• Understand the main accounting concepts that drive behaviour and performance
• Understand the financial impact of different strategic decisions
• Use financial information to make better decisions that drive the business forward
• Make sense of financial jargon and terms so you can take part in financial conversations and be in a better position to discuss relevant financial issues confidently
• Understand the difference between profit and cash flow
• Understand the components of working capital and working capital management
• Financial ratios – what's healthy and what's not


Accounting Made Easy takes the fear out of finance by giving each participant the ability to run a business simulation on an interactive financial playground. As participants record transactions and watch financial impacts in real time, they see how their actions impact profitability and liquidity. They are able make mistakes in a safe environment and change course if necessary. They get clarity on which levers to pull to improve gross profit and EBITDA and they capture all their learning on the app as they get feedback from expert finance facilitators. There is extensive use of breakout rooms, polls and quizzes. By the end of the course, participants can comfortably read and interpret P&L’s and discuss financial jargon with confidence.

Flow of the Activity

Teams work in breakout rooms to discuss and map various business scenarios and transactions. Facilitators go between the breakout rooms to question and advise participants. Facilitators sum up the key learnings for the group after each breakaway. There are 15 impact scenarios which cover every eventuality in a business – sale of stock, CAPEX purchases, sales on credit, purchases on credit, impact of prepaid expenses and deferred income etc.. Homework is submitted at the end of each day and participants are challenged to prepare the balance sheet and P&L of their business. Finance and fun very seldom appear in the same sentence but in this course, participants have fun while learning finance and competing against their peers. No prior financial background required to attend.

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