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Holidays Around The World

Explore different holidays in a fun, immersive way!



Learning Objectives

• Building stronger relationships
• Improve remote team work
• Exploring different traditions, cultures and holidays around the world
• Have fun with colleagues!


Experience a journey across festivities during the virtual ‘Holidays Around The World’ Business Game! Players embark on a global journey to explore holidays and cultures across the globe to create and share as much happiness as possible in this high energy, interactive game. Teams compete against each other by fulfilling different holiday-related challenges that will put their remote-working, communication and team building skills to the test. Are you ready for take-off?

Flow of the Activity

The participants are divided into virtual teams, each consisting of around 5 travellers. Each team is assigned a WhatsApp Coach, and will be guided by the game facilitator and Travel Guide Trevor the Chatbot during the game. Participants must collaborate, communicate, and support each other to complete different virtual challenges earn as much happiness points as possible. Can they guess which languages are spoken or which holiday belongs to its respective country? Are they able to divide tasks and complete webquests? At the end of the game, all participants come virtually together for the celebration ceremony, where we share footage of the game and the winning team with the most happiness points will be announced!

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