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Navigate for Success

Can you sail with your team through the flux of changes?

In Person


Learning Objectives

• Change management
• Decision taking
• Stay flexible in VUCA circumstances
• Communication & teamwork


Land in sight! In the exciting ‘Navigate For Success’ Business Game participants try to sell the wares on their ship for the best price. But nothing is as treacherous as the sea. The ships will be constantly faced with whimsical circumstances. Which team abandons ship and misses their port? And who raises their sails and deals with every challenge thrown in their way? Participants will experience the impact of change management and how to cope with change.

Flow of the Activity

The world is full of VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. This game teaches participants to keep their heads up high and to turn challenges into opportunities. The teams pass junctions with challenges during their travels on a huge map, which may cause them to adjust their route. Apart from that, the price a team gets for their wares depends on demand and supply. Within the teams, different roles are assigned. Communication and team work are essential to come up with a good strategy. The team that goes with the flow and is able to continuously adjust its objectives, will reach their destination victoriously!

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