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Online Olympics

Host your company's very own Online Olympics!



Learning Objectives

• Creative problem solving
• Remote collaboration
• Building stronger relationships


Cooperation, communication and a high dose of fun and energy. That is the ‘Online Olympics’ Business Game in a nutshell! Players compete across a multitude of Olympic disciplines, which they tackle in teams. Working under time pressure, teams need to strategise and communicate effectively in order to get the highest score. Which team will cross the finish line first?

Flow of the Activity

The participants are divided into virtual teams, each consisting of around 5 athletes. Each team is assigned a WhatsApp Coach, and will be prepped and encouraged by the game facilitator and Chatbot Charlie during the game. Aside from the exciting Olympic disciplines given to the participants by Charlie, the teams will experience a virtual working environment and practice remote-working skills. Communication and collaboration are key, but can teams efficiently adapt and achieve results? This energising team activity keeps players hooked from the opening until the virtual medal ceremony, where the winning team will be announced!

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