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Project SDG

Become the SDG-champions of your company!

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Learning Objectives

• Define sustainability strategies
• Balance individual and common goals
• Explore sustainable opportunities and challenges


Can you see the forest for the trees in this sustainability game?
Teams represent different countries of a nation, continuously balancing greater objectives versus individual goals. Which sustainable investments will they prioritise to create a better world?

Flow of the Activity

To make the inhabitants happy, countries need to purchase and build the best assets, such as roads, hospitals, universities and hotels. To buy these, the teams require money, resources and labour. But beware: some countries only have access to money, while others have resources and labour in their possession. In short, the teams need each other to be able to buy their desired provisions. Cooperation and negotiation is key to achieve your goals. Nearing the end, teams will visualise their assets by building them on a huge world map. Various incidents threaten the prosperity of the nations, but through efficient cooperation between all teams, the world can be saved from disasters!

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