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Racing to the Top

Transform your F1-team into a well-oiled machine!

In Person


Learning Objectives

• Stimulate enterpreneurship
• Develop communication skills
• Teamwork


Transform your team into a well-oiled machine with the ‘Racing To The Top’ Business Game! As representatives of Formula 1-teams, the media and countries, the teams need to bring their ‘A’ game to reach their goals. They must reach agreements about television rights, the purchase and sales of the pit crew, and marketing budgets for advertisements. Promising partnerships could be jeopardised as a result of changing budgets and unexpected incidents. The teams will be challenged to shift gears quickly, to steadily steer the wheel and to go full speed ahead, just like real F1 drivers!

Flow of the Activity

The game shows the participants’ strengths and how to improve cooperation within or between teams. The underlying objective is to set up a three-way cooperation and to create a win-win-win situation where everyone understands their in-game role. The participants experience the power of the Gestalt Theory: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. The racing teams will put together a crew of first class drivers while the media and countries try to earn as much money as possible. After all, without drivers there is no race. And without media, no audience. A deliberate tactic, a clear-cut objective and the right winner’s mentality are the foundation of success. Can the participants make split second decisions and make sure everyone is on board? Or will they have communication problems and crash? Take the wheel and cross the finish line as winners in this challenging Business Game!

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