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Sail as One

In this game, no one will be left behind!

In Person


Learning Objectives

• Employee engagement
• Creative & cognitive skills
• Communication & teamwork
• Have fun


Bring the ship to
a safe harbour! That's the goal of the participants representing sailing crews. Guided by Captain Charlie, the chatbot, they roam around any venue completing a diverse range of challenges!
However, the main purpose is not to win as a team, but to reach a common goal with all the crews. Will they succeed and grow as a team?

Flow of the Activity

Participants represent sailing crews and are challenged to sail from destination X to Y. As a group, they will strive to achieve victory and growth!

With the help of a map of the location, teams are all set to embark on their sailing journey. While roaming around, teams will come across several spots where they can connect with Chatbot Captain Charlie, who will guide them through various cognitive and creative assignments. Engaging in these challenges, participants will not only connect with each other but also collaborate to reach the common goal. All aboard!

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