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The Banker

Balance on the balance sheet? Or not quite?

In Person


Learning Objectives

• Estimate risks versus profit
• Gain insights into banks' balance sheets
• Customer satisfaction


Step into the intriguing banking world! In ‘The Banker’ Business Game, participants deal with liquidity, finances, relationships, capital requirements and taking responsible risks. Every team represents a bank. All banks have their own balance sheet. With this starting position, everyone’s objective is to increase the balance sheet while letting the bank remain healthy. The bank who can comply with its payment obligations and at the same time makes the most profit, wins!

Flow of the Activity

This Business Game is played in multiple rounds. The banks want to bring in savers to maintain a positive balance and to make a profit. The higher the offered interest rate, the more savers will be brought in. Afterwards, the banks can invest in assets such as mortgages, obligations, projects, stocks and real estate. However, do they consider the term and interest risks? What will happen when savers want to withdraw cash at the same time? Banks can loan money between themselves, or they can even take over another bank. Will the participants assess all risks before sealing a deal? Determine your direction and go for gold!

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