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The Connection Game

Data management just got interesting...

In Person


Learning Objectives

• The importance of data quality
• Information management
• Collaboration


In ‘The Connection’ Business Game participants experience the significance of a proper data transfer for collaboration within the chain. The importance of qualitative data, cooperation between departments and interdependence are important topics. If everyone plays their part, constructing a road network should be an easy to achieve objective.

Flow of the Activity

Each team represents a region within a country. The different cities within a region need to be connected through an efficient road network. The teams are responsible for the construction of roads within their own region on a map, but also for a complete and efficiently connected network with all other regions. The network is built based on the available data. What is the inbound and outgoing traffic per city? Where should possible bridges be built? It is of great importance that data is correctly noted, even under time pressure. In short, cooperation within and outside the team, a uniform working method and precision are keys to success!

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