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The DEI advantage

Balancing DEI with business sustainability and results

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Learning Objectives

• Learn about what DEI means
• Understand the importance of balance and context of DEI with business sustainability and results
• Practice strategy, negotiating and decision-making skills


A fictional company endeavours to embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as its core values. Each team represents a department's leadership within this fictitious organisation. The primary goal is to align the broader organisational ambitions with fostering an inclusive culture and cultivating a diverse workforce.

Flow of the Activity

The company grants each department the opportunity to invest in interventions to achieve the company's new DEI goals. Teams must prioritise impactful interventions aligned with their department's business objectives and the organisation's new vision.

In a second phase teams will be put to the test, showcasing their business acumen, negotiation, and collaboration skills. With limited budgets of time, money, and resources, they will invest in the prioritised interventions from the first phase. The goal is to drive the fictional company towards an inclusive and successful future!

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