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The Difference Game

Discover the many faces of diversity...

Virtual, In Person, Hybrid


Learning Objectives

• Understanding the difference between interpretations, observations, and judgements
• Changing circumstances
• Stimulate curiosity


The Difference Game is all about understanding how people are different and to explore how our day-to-day behavior might be influenced by a lot of different elements we don’t always consider.

Flow of the Activity

Participants enter a whole new world with new countries and new civilisations with unique customs & habits. After centuries of living apart, the civilisations are finally coming together at a conference to discover and learn about each others’ cultures.

Each team equals a civilisation consisting of several diplomats and one president. Teams try to unravel each others’ cultural customs & habits during interactive speed date sessions with the other civilisations.

Each round is designed to have fun and to improve communication
skills. Without great teamwork, courage, and curiosity, participants
don’t stand a chance!

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