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The Iceberg

A game to deepdive into your company values!

Virtual, In Person, Hybrid


Learning Objectives

• Players gain a personal context for the Core Values, often for the very first time.
• Players learn how isolated decisions can vastly differ from one another and see the
importance of a shared set of Core Values.
• Players learn how Core Values challenge one another and the value of critical thinking.
• Players create high engagement with one another in a context that has constructive, far-reaching benefits.
• The organisation gains a clear insight into how the Core Values are perceived and understood, in order to draw up a forward action plan.


A game based on the story of the Titanic, which challenges teams to solve fundamentally unsolvable problems, using your organization’s Core Values to make decisions, break deadlocks, and guide and inform their actions.

Flow of the Activity

During the course of five game rounds, teams will have to work together to solve ‘unsolvable’ problems, making full use of your organizational Core Values to help them come to a decision they can agree upon.

Teams work together to solve a new dilemma
each round, using the Core Values.This exercise not only tests their problem-solving skills but also their ability to unify under shared principles.

Following each round, teams will present their solutions, the reasoning behind their choices, and their interpretations of the Core Values to their peers. This will provide an opportunity to assess alignment across teams. Where differences arise, we will collectively delve into these variances to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives.

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