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Time Management

The most precious resource we have is time!

In Person


Learning Objectives

• Experiencing task prioritisation first-hand
• Efficient task management
• Exploring different time management tools


The most precious resource we have is time! Participants work in teams to build a holiday resort with different stakeholders. Project planning, setting priorities and clear internal and external communication are key to keep control of their time.

Flow of the Activity

The building of the holiday resort will happen in multiple sprints. Teams receive different requests from a client and start constructing. Overwhelmed by customer requests, the teams need to organize their planning and priorities. Different roles will determine which responsibilities every member has an which constructing materials they can use.

In between phases, teams receive a set of time & prioritisation tool cards. With these tools in hand, the teams enter the next construction phases.
How did the planning go in the next rounds? What time and prioritisation strategies actually helped them? And what might help them in daily life?

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