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Want to challenge your team's way of working?

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Learning Objectives

• Change management
• Problem solving
• Creativity & innovation
• Efficient task management
• Team feedback and reflection


In three thrilling game cycles, teams are challenged to build a subsection of a new office building or holiday resort. Which teams manage to set the right priorities and adapt to the clients' changing needs? Who comes up with the most creative designs?

Flow of the Activity

The objective of the teams is to construct their section of a new building. Based on the clients requests, the teams need to organise themselves and prioritise the asks. A mix of teamwork, planning and continuously constructing a model with real materials is key. After each round extra requests come in or old ones become more specific, implicating teams to evaluate and re-organise their workflow. Also group challenges that effect the whole building will come up. Which team is able to complete all requests and optimise their workflow during the construction cycles?

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