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United in Universe

Astronauts embark on their journey in an online universe.



Learning Objectives

• Stimulate co-creation
• Communication
• Decision making


Co-creation, communication and navigation, effective decision-making and a spacious amount of fun. That is our virtual ‘United In Universe’ Business Game! The participants help shape a mighty new planet by executing tasks with each other, as well as against each other. They determine which assets are essential to the planet and where they are most effectively positioned. As the next generation of astronauts, they need to make tactical choices in order to work towards a collective future!

Flow of the Activity

United in an online universe, astronauts are supported by the game facilitator and chatbot Houston. During their voyage, the teams independently start researching the newly discovered planet and learn more about their own astronaut team. The findings are presented to the other teams. Afterwards, they hover over the planet’s surface and execute challenges together. Every correct execution earns them assets which they need in order to build up an inclusive planet. However, this is only achievable when the teams reinforce each other and when they work collectively. Up to the last second, deals are being made by the astronauts to make the planet as viable and habitable as possible. The team that contributes the most to that cause, wins the game!

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