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Under construction game





Deloitte's newly promoted (people) managers are being introduced to a new project management evaluation template,  fostering better results through collaborative best practices and insightful sharing.  The challenge is to let them all understand and use the tool in a consistent way.

  • Let participants experience business dynamics during a project management game

  • Introduce them to Deloitte’s new in-house tools for team feedback

  • Make teams reflect over their actions, their team approach, their failures and improvements

  • In-person

  • Team based activity (groups of 6), +50 participants

  • Share and re-apply at the end (public or in reshuffled groups)

Activity description

Round 1

Each team represents a construction company responsible for the realisation of one part of the Deloitte University Campus! The participants, each with their own roles and responsibilities, embarked on planning and executing the project. Under time pressure and unforeseen circumstances, the teams were challenged to deliver on their promises.

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WhatsApp Image 2022-10-13 at 09.45_edited.jpg

Round 2

After the first construction round, an evaluation took place using the "share and re-apply" approach. What went well, what could be improved, and how could a game plan help the teams to work more efficiently and communicate more effectively?


After the second construction round teams got to reflect on how processes improved compared to the first round. Thereafter they reflected on how these possible actions could work in their daily job with the help and usage of the new Deloitte evaluation tool.


An immersive training to learn and get used to new company tools!

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Other Case Studies

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