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Festival KPI game for Belgium's national airport

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Brussels Airport Company, the most central travel hub in Europe, has a long term vision to become a sustainable, top-performing airport. The plan to achieve this vision is written down

in the ‘Shift 2027’ program where the airport focuses on three key pillars.

The goals come together with ambitious ideas and KPI’s that need to be translated to all employees across all departments.


During the whole year, this process is organised via strategy weeks and strategy boosters. As part of a booster, Brussels Airport asked us to organise a gamified learning experience around KPI’s.



  • Learn about the meaning of KPI’s and how individual and team efforts have an impact on the overarching company KPI’s

  • Gamified and immersive experience, let it stick

  • Understand the importance of KPI’s as a helpful tool to make decisions at work

  • In person

  • Team based activity, multiple sessions of 25-30 people

  • For all different types of employees and departmentsCustom made learning material in a different environment

Activity description

Big boss Billy

Per session the groups where challenged to build a brand new festival that meets the expectations of ‘big boss Billy’. Billy had determined 4 categories (Customer satisfaction, Profitability, Sustainability & Safety) on which the festival should perform well and gave each of them a KPI in the form of target score.


Creating impact

This global festival target score could be achieved by building different festival zones (main stage, camping grounds backstage,..) that consisted of multiple festival elements.

Each team was responsible for a different festival zone and had to contribute to the target score of their festival zone. This was done by making choices on which festival elements they had to invest time.

Building & pitching!

The game was organised in different phases giving the teams the time to plan, build and reflect on the actions they took and the impact these generated.


The teams had different roles and responsibilities making it more easy or difficult to succeed in their mission.

In the end, participants discussed their experiences and made a bridge between the festival kpi’s and their daily job.


A training that will be memorised almost as long as their next holiday departing from Brussels Airport!


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