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Customised recruitment for the bpostgroup

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The ’war on talent’ intensifies across al sectors and companies. The bpostgroup, the organisation behind Belgians national postal service, decided to innovate their recruitment in a creative and engaging way.

During their recruitment days, organised multiple days a year, they asked us to assist on part of the day program.

By blending digital tools with face-to-face interactions, we've elevated the existing hiring process, delivering a scalable and repeatable solution.

  • Create engaging tasks where the behaviour of the participants can be spotted by the recruiters

  • Digitise part of the process

  • Blend in true-to-job elements and existing cases

  • Digital & In person

  • Scalable  and repeatable format

  • Chatbot led activity

Activity description

Welcome by Billy

Graduating students where selected by bpostgroup to join their recruitment days.

After being welcomed  by the recruiters the participants got divided into groups and were welcomed by “Billy” a chatbot guiding them through different activities.

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Custom cases

Billy the bpost group chatbot asked them to complete several challenges.


From icebreakers to get to know the team, small quizzes to get to know bpost group onto challenging cases based on the daily life at Bpostgroup!

A chatbot led experience

All this was chatbot led, giving the recruiters the time and freedom to focus on evaluating the different participants.

An engaging recruitment experience in the evolving landscape of talent acquisition!


Other Case Studies

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Let us help you

Every project is specific to our client's needs. Drop us a note to explore the possibilities.

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