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Peak Performance Virtual Connect





For the occasion of the P&G 'EMO Half Year Virtual Connect',

we were challenged to create & facilitate a 100% virtual energizer/team activity for a group of +150 participants. 

  • Create awareness around the 4 pillars of P&G

  • Explore key elements of each pillar

  • Share and learn from personal experiences

  • Have fun and connect with colleagues

  • 100% virtual, P&G’ers connecting from 4 different locations

  • Team based activity (groups of 6), +150 participants

  • Innovative collaboration tool SpatialChat

  • Simple and low barrier participant experience

Activity description

Not an ordinary Teams or Zoom meeting

The 'Peak Performance Virtual Connect' with Procter & Gamble was designed as a sandbox game, giving participants the freedom to explore at their own pace.


Teams embarked on an adventure-filled journey, working together to reach the summit of a virtual mountain, while making stops for fun, reflection, and growth along the way. 


Every stop represented by a flag presented the teams with fun or content challenge linked to 4 pillars of P&G.

peak performance_edited_edited.png

Value Pillars

For each of the different pillars: we created an assignment designed to broaden participants’ understanding of the pillar and have the opportunity to share and explore personal experiences with colleagues.

Fun & Connection

Loosely related to each of the pillars we created an assignment designed for participants to get to know each-other and have fun and connect in a novel engaging way despite the virtual set-up.

A tailored mix of fun and custom content around their key value pillars resulted in an engaging experience!




What Participants & Organisers Say


”First of all: thank you. It was a really nice prepared environment and I think for the first time 80% of the organisation can name 4 pillars of our EVE."

Anna Jaworowska -
EMO PUR Director, BBS CE Europe

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