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The Vodafone

time management game

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Vodafone Ireland, a loyal partner, aimed to empower their employees to speak up when they are overwhelmed.

At the same time, they wanted to provide them with time  management tools & prioritisation tips & tricks to optimise their time. They asked us to combine this in a face to face training.

  • Get together and connect

  • Share and learn from personal experiences around time pressure

  • Experience time challenges during an immersive game situation

  • Discover new time management tools and prioritisation tips & tricks to use 

  • In person

  • Team based activity, 50 participants

  • Custom made learning material

Activity description

Under construction

We challenged the participants with a construction project where the Vodafone employees had different roles but needed to work together to meet the clients’ expectations.

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New tools & tricks

During the game, all the teams worked on this project with strict time constraints. Throughout various rounds, they were provided with opportunities to use time management tools and prioritisation strategies to enhance their productivity and deliver optimal value for the customers.

Daily job

In the end, participants discussed and chose their preferred time management tools & prioritisation tricks to incorporate later into their daily work.

83% of attendees expressed greater confidence in managing their time in the future after the session!

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What Participants & Organisers Say


"The feedback from the session has been really positive, so thanks for all your hard work in the run up to it and on the day itself"

J. Bishop -
Vodafone Ireland

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