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The onboarding game





Onboarding new hires can be challenging. Our solution for IMEC, an international research & development organization active in the fields of nanoelectronics and digital technologies, provided an interactive, fun and recurring onboarding game focussing on getting to know the company, their industry and the team.

  • Let new hires connect with each other and their new working environment

  • Introduce new hires to the ecosystem of the company (which type of technologies that they work with, which type of industries they’re present, which type of collaborations they have,…)

  • Create a repeatable and scalable concept 

  • Virtual & in person

  • 20-30 participants, a session every 2 months

  • Mix of new hires and existing staff as participants

Activity description

Get to know IMEC

Participants, divided in teams, where given a set of cases, real-life projects that IMEC has worked on.


For each case the participants had to understand what happened there and label key aspects of these cases. (For example which specific IMEC location was involved, which type of technology was involved, …)

This information could be deduced from a set of posters. The posters covered different variations that exist in the company (locations of the company, types of collaboration with external partners, type of technologies, industries they work in,…) and they explained wat this meant for IMEC too.


Each team had its own set of posters and for every 'value' of a variation a card was created.

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Points & rewards

Once a team completed a case and its questions, their labels where evaluated by a jury of IMEC employees and points where awarded.


The game rewards not just speed but also accuracy and strategic thinking, with penalties for incorrect labels.

Some of the cases where more difficult based on the variables that needed to be determined per case.

Collaboration pays off

During a session 5 teams competed against each other to complete all the cases the fastest. But because some teams had more information on their posters for a specific case it paid off to talk to and collaborate with other teams as well!

The onboarding activity used a 'label game' approach, offering a stimulating and engaging way to learn about IMEC.

This project had a virtual and in person version, creating possibilities during Covid and post Covid.

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