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HR Conversations 

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We teamed up with Nike again! This time, we worked together to craft a tailored training to equip team leads with tools and structures for meaningful dialogues on presence, illness, reliability, and return after absence with their team members.

  • Provide tools for the team leads to prepare conversations with different contexts and goals

  • Prepare actionable, practical tips & tricks on how to structure and have conversations

  • Create take-home materials for easy reference and consultation post-training

  • Include interactive and real-life exercises

  • Create a train-the-trainer roll out for +600 team leads

  • Make sure participants feel empowered to proceed with the conversations in the future

  • In person

  • 600 team leads

  • Train-the-trainer format

  • Deployed to groups of 20-50 people per session

Activity description

Solutions & tools for conversations

To help the +600 team leads prepare for often tricky HR conversations, we created a wide set of useful tools such as a conversation inspiration guide, conversation cards, and a situation quadrant.

The project started out as a co-creation effort between the Nike and Player 1 Labs teams to pinpoint key challenges, identify priority solutions and extract meaningful, actionable insights from the Nike working environment and day-to-day reality into the creative training and deployment of solutions & tools.

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Real-life exercises

Leveraging the custom tools, participants could solve different exercises very closely representing real-life situations on the work floor.


Exercises described the most frequent situations team leads had to deal with. With the help of conversation cards the trainees learned to recognise patterns and prepare the upcoming dialogues in a confident way.

Situations where presented and brought to life in the context of an immersive Lego Nike world. 

Ready for the future

In a first phase multiple sessions were rolled out top-down throughout the organisation to generate buy-in and get everyone on the same page. 

In a second phase the training was rolled out through a train-the-trainer program to batches of team-lead until the entire population was covered.


The training is now a standard pillar in the onboarding process going forward.

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What Participants & Organisers Say


”These tools are exactly what we need to proceed with the conversations. Thank you!"

K.D. -
Team lead, Logistics Distribution Center

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