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Customer service Corporate away day





As the company expands, Carbon Clean, a global leader in innovative industrial capture solutions, wanted some fresh eyes to help them dig into customer service, their mission and operating principles. We created a full-day program!

  • Gather feedback of key stakeholders ahead of the event to serve as input for self evaluation.

  • Empower participants to experience and think about what’s important in customer service and what’s not.

  • Use an action canvas to pinpoint  and identify next steps.

  • Be critical on how stakeholders (in and outside the company) perceive our value and operating principles.

  • Jointly refine our mission statement to reach a better shared understanding.

  • In person

  • 100 participants, divided in 2 groups

  • Full day program

Activity description

Customer service

In the morning session, employees engaged in a project management game, improving their skills in customer service for both internal and external clients.


They explored client needs, effective questioning, and priority setting, strengthening their ability to deliver outstanding service.


Share & re-apply

During evaluation moments in between construction rounds teams had the opportunity to change their way of work according to an action canvas.


What actions should we take in order to improve our customer service over the next construction rounds? 

Action based session

Throughout the afternoon, participants worked with the results of a pre-circulated questionnaire and the learnings from the morning program.

What actions should we take tomorrow to optimise our operational principles and customer service. 

In short, it was an immersive training day combining our principles ‘have fun’ & ‘learn something’.


What Participants & Organisers Say


"I’ve had excellent feedback on your programme, energy and leadership during the session.  The tone was spot on and my colleagues (and I) thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."

Jenny Rata -
CCO & CFO support, Carbon Clean

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