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Olympic qualifications 
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Coca Cola Europacific Partners wanted to engage 150 colleagues on 3 continents, simultaneously, during their legal conference. We organised a qualification event  for the upcoming Olympics consisting of  10 mini disciplines generating energy  for the  rest  of  the day!

  • Host an engaging activity where all employees are actively involved.

  • Integrate the ‘winning together’ theme of the conference into the activity.

  • Make sure participants at 3 different locations feel connected.

  • Virtual & in person

  • 150 participants, teams of 10 persons

  • Paris, Sidney & Jakarta

  • 3 time zone & locations at the same time

Activity description

The opening ceremony

Divided into teams of 10 persons, each team represented a country that needed to qualify for as much disciplines as possible in the upcoming Olympics.


Every country received a game bag full of instructions and material for 10 disciplines.

Countries had to divide the disciplines across their team members in order to be ready before the available time was over.


10 disciplines

Disciplines consisted of cognitive, practical, creative and fun mini challenges to be completed by 1, 2  or 3 persons at the same time.


After every completed discipline, proof of execution or the correct answers needed to be submissioned via chatbot  Charlie, an online assistant, guaranteeing a smooth game experience for all the participants.

Closing ceremony

The scores and progress of each country were captured and displayed on multiple screens at the three venues. 

We projected the corresponding national flags, which were raised according to the number of disciplines the countries qualified for. 

A closing ceremony celebrated the achievements of all the countries, showed the best entries and announced the winners of the day!


What Participants & Organisers Say


”Thank you very much! It was fantastic. Everyone enjoyed the activity!"

Karinne VG -
Conference organiser, CCEP

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