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Exploring knowledge with the Wikimedia Foundation

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In collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation we created an engaging team activity to explore the many organisations and products behind the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia specifically.

  • Discover how the Wikimedia Foundation works

  • Learn about the different knowledge projects they created

  • Explore all content in an interactive fun team-based experience

  • Create materials that can be leveraged in a stand-alone format at future events

  • In person

  • 50 participants, divided into groups

  • Posters linked to various digital and in-person exercises

  • Simple and low barrier participant experience

Activity description

Interactive posters

The activity was designed around 12 core themes and values the Foundation is organised around. Each poster in Wikipedia's very own look and feel relayed key information to the reader on the specific topic at hand. Of course, we included the best-of, funniest or most striking Wikipedia entries sourced from the Instagram channel:  @depthsofwikipedia. Highly recommended!


Digital & offline challenges

At the event, participants were organised into small teams and navigated the venue to find various QR codes. Each QR code, once scanned, connected the teams to Wiki the Wikipedia chatbot.


Wiki presented participants with unique assignments and fun challenges that required them to utilise tools provided and created by the Wikimedia Foundation.


Completion of these challenges earned the teams points, which were tracked throughout the event to add a competitive element. 

Have fun & learn something

Since the event, the Wikimedia foundation has re-used the informative custom boards multiple times to bring to life Wikipedia's vision of free knowledge for everyone at multiple events. The gamified experience turned out to be a model example of the Player 1 Labs design principle of "having fun & learning something" at the same time. We still regularly get updates from participants who continue to beat their own high scores in the different Wikipedia challenges we created. 


What Participants & Organisers Say


Thank you for bringing Wikipedia to life in such a unique and memorable way - we are very fortunate for the collaboration!

Maryana I. -
CEO Wikimedia Foundation

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