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Virtual onboarding
& exploration of values

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WorkNomads specialises in global out-staffing. Recognising the need for cohesive team integration, the company was looking for a dynamic solution to virtually onboard new and existing employees from around the world. We were challenged to build & facilitate a 100% virtual, live, sustainable experience.

  • Let the participants discover the 6 values of WorkNomads

  • Explore the key message of each value

  • Foster community among global employees

  • Integrate new hires with company veterans

  • Have fun, share and connect

  • 100% virtual, WorkNomads connecting from multiple countries

  • Team based activity (groups of 6), 40 participants/session

  • Innovative immersive collaboration tool: SpatialChat

  • Simple and low barrier participant experience

  • Integration of automated and human-facilitated communication tools like chatbots and WhatsApp

Activity description

Exploring Sofia: A Virtual Adventure in Onboarding

The 'WorkNomads Virtual Onboarding' introduces a sandbox-style game, allowing participants the freedom to explore the virtual city of Sofia at their own pace.

This journey is not just about exploration but also about collaboration, as teams tackle challenges and gather insights at various stops throughout the city.

Each flag they encounter offers a unique challenge that ties back to one of WorkNomads' six core values, making every step a blend of fun and meaningful discovery

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Deep Dives into Company Values

To ensure a thorough understanding and personal connection to WorkNomads' values, we designed specific assignments for each value. These tasks encourage participants to delve into discussions, share personal insights, and reflect on how these values resonate with their professional lives.

Building Connections Through Fun

Each activity, anchored in the company's values, was crafted to maximise fun and foster connections among participants. Despite the virtual format, these engaging, light-hearted activities ensured that team members could interact naturally and form bonds, mirroring the camaraderie typically formed in face-to-face settings.

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What Participants & Organisers Say


"Really nice! Best onboarding so far in my experience!"

Ivan B. -
Worknomad, participant

Other Case Studies

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